Q1. What are 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs?
Q2. What is packet switching ?
Q3. What is permanent virtual circuit ?
Q4. Define the term internet , intranet , extranet.?
Q5. What is anonymous FTP and why would you use it?
Q6. Why Data Link Layer is the different from other layer?
Q7. Which layer of the 7 layer model provides services to the Application layer over the Session layer connection?
Q8. Differentiate router and gateway?
Q9. Differentiate TCP/IP protocol suite and OSI model?
Q10. Which OSI Reference Layer controls application to application communication?
Q11. BOOTP helps a diskless workstation boot. How does it get a message to the network looking for its IP address and the location of its operating system boot files ?
Q12. What is a DNS resource record?
Q13. What protocol is used by DNS name servers?
Q14. What is the difference between interior and exterior neighbor gateways?
Q15. What is the HELLO protocol used for?
Q16. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of routing tables?
Q17. What is a characteristic of Store and Forward switches?
Q18. What is source route?
Q19. What is RIP (Routing Information Protocol)?
Q20. What is SLIP (Serial Line Interface Protocol)?
Q21. What is Proxy ARP?
Q22. What is OSPF?
Q23. What is Kerberos?
Q24. What is a DHCP protocol?
Q25. What is NVT (Network Virtual Terminal)?
Q26. What is Gateway-to-Gateway protocol?
Q27. What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?
Q28. What is autonomous system?
Q29. What is EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol)?
Q30. What is IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol)?
Q31. What is Mail Gateway?
Q36. What is multicast routing?
Q37. What is traffic shaping?
Q38. What is packet filter?
Q39. What is virtual path?
Q40. What is virtual channel?
Q41. What is logical link control?
Q42. Why should you care about the OSI Reference Model?
Q43. What is the difference between routable and non- routable protocols?
Q45. Explain 5-4-3 rule?
Q46. What is the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols?
Q47. What is the range of addresses in the classes of internet addresses?
Q48. What is the minimum and maximum length of the header in the TCP segment and IP datagram?
Q49. What is difference between ARP and RARP?
Q50. What is ICMP?

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