Interview Question

Q.1 What do you understand by complexity?
Q.2 Define the term algorithm analysis.
Q.3 What is the time complexity of Insertion Sort?
Q.4 Between Insertion sort & Merge sort, which algorithm is better & why?
Q.5 What is recurrence?
Q.6 Define the complexity of merge sort.
Q.7 Write Master’s method for solving recurrence relations.
Q.8 What do u understand by STABLE SORT? Name two stable sort algorithms.

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Q.9 What do u mean by asymptotic notations?

Q.10 What is importance of average-case analysis of algorithms?

Q.11 Explain the concept of partitioning of the given set to be sorted using quick- sort algorithm.

Q.12  Discuss the basic steps in the complete development of an algorithm.

Q.13 Discuss the complexity of quick sort in worst case.

Q.14  Describe Red-black trees and their properties.

Q.15 What’s the concept of rotation in RB-tree?

Q.16 What is B-tree? Tell it’s application also.

Q.17 What’s the properties of B-tree?

Q.18 Differentiate between Binomial-heap & Fibonacci-heap.

Q.19 When and how Dynamic programming approach is applicable?

Q.20 Discuss backtracking problem solving approach.

Q.21  Discuss Greedy approach for problem solving.

 Q.22 Describe Hamiltonian circuit and n-queen problem.

Q.23 Define the Floyd-War shall algorithm.

Q.24 Describe PRIM’s algorithm to find MST along with its running time.

Q.25 What is Maximum flow problem?

Q.26  Define LCS problem using dynamic programming approach.

Q.27  Define NP-Complete and NP- Hard problem.

Q.28 Define KMP algorithm for String Matching .What is its running time.

Q.29 Define Rabin-Karp and Boyer-Moore String matching algorithm.

Q.30 What are approximation algorithm ?

Q.31 What is meant by P(n)-approximation algorithm?

Q.32 Discuss Vertex cover problem.

Q.33 Write about randomized algorithm .

Q.34 What is Convex Hull problem?

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