1.   What is OOPS?

2.   Write basic concepts of OOPS?

3.   What is a class?

4.   What is an object?

5.   What is Encapsulation?

6.   What is Polymorphism?

7.   What is Inheritance?

8.   What are manipulators?

9.    Define a constructor?

10.   Define Destructor?

11.   What is Inline function?

12.   What is a virtual function?

13.   What is friend function?

14.   What is function overloading?

15.   What is operator overloading?

16.   What is an abstract class?

17.   What is a ternary operator?

18.   What is the use of finalize method?

19.   What are different types of arguments?

20.   What is super keyword?

21.   What is method overriding?

22.   What is an interface?

23.   What is exception handling?

24.   What are tokens?

25.   Difference between overloading and overriding?

26.   Difference between class and an object?

27.   What is an abstraction?

28.   What are access modifiers?

29.   What is sealed modifiers?

30.   How can we call the base method without creating an instance?

31.   What is the difference between new and override?

32.   What are the various types of constructors?

33.   What is early and late binding?

34.   What is ‘this’ pointer?

35.   What is the difference between structure and a class?

36.   What is the default access modifier in a class?

37.   What is pure virtual function?

38.   What are all the operators that cannot be overloaded?

39.   What is dynamic or run time polymorphism?

40.   Do we require parameter for constructors?

41.   What is a copy constructor?

42.   What does the keyword virtual represented in the method definition?

43.   Whether static method can use non static members?

44.   What arebase class, sub class and super class?

45.   What is static and dynamic binding?

46.   How many instances can be created for an abstract class?

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