Projects for ECE, EEE, EN, and EI


1.       Power saving street light with fog light switching

2.       High-Tech Toll system by using card

3.       Proportional integrator and differentiator controller using PIC

4.       Range finder through Distance sensor

5.       Attendance prevention system for school and college

6.       Automatic jack lifting through RF

7.       Tri technology security system

8.       RF based data transfer

9.       Automatic water tap

10.   Data transmit with the help of laser

11.   Land mine robot

12.   Safe distance guard system for blinds

13.   Computer controlled temperature meter

14.   Obstacle sensing robot

15.   RFID based animal tracking system

16.   Green house controller

17.   Solar cell based UPS

18.   High tension transformer protection

19.   Online UPS

20.   Internet based home appliance control

21.   Microcontroller based vehicle security system

22.   Speed control of stepper meter

23.   Eco friendly car

24.   RF based wireless identification system

25.   Speed change of DC motor  with switch

26.   Speed change of DC motor  with RF

27.   Speed change of DC motor  with computer

28.   Turbine failure protection system using microcontroller for electrical power plant

29.   Fault analysis and detection

30.   Two phase changeover  and automatic generator start stopper

31.   Microcontroller based fire protection system using LDR

32.   Automatic multilayer car parking system

33.   Field parameter loop controller

34.   GSM to GSM contest voting machine

35.    Infrared  based telemetry system

36.   Solar cell based universal invertor

37.   Solar cell based spy robot

38.   Traffic light signaling controller with micro controller based count

39.   Advanced security system with unique feature

40.   Walking robot

41.   Mobile phone controlled electronic voting machine

42.   Mobile phone controlled land rover robot

43.   Mobile controller

44.   Liquid level controller

45.   Prepaid energy meter PIC MICROCONTROLLER

46.   Display timer for compressor

47.   Telephonic control using DTMF decoding

48.   Grid failure protection system using microcontroller

49.   Request monitoring system

50.   Caller ID

51.   Boiler controller

52.   Electronic voting machine

53.   Automatic railway crossing controller

54.   Infrared based industrial gates entry management system

55.   E-card entry system

56.   Advance office automation

57.   Rapid event selector

58.   Automatic railway signaling through RF

59.   Automatic voltage corrector

60.   Metro train

61.   Micro controller based invertor

62.    Micro controller based auditorium seat management system

63.   Train collision prevention and signaling using RF

64.   Computer controlled home appliance  control

65.   Contactless swap card system

66.   Vehicle tracking system

67.   Computer controlled path finder robot

68.   Robotic arm

69.   Next generation home appliance control using mobile phone

70.   Voice recognition system

71.   Fuel level indicator

72.   Disco light

73.   High frequency remote system

74.   Fastest finger first

75.   Heart rate monitoring system

76.   Automatic propeller clock

77.   Co-ordinate system

78.   Low cost PLC

79.   Railway bridge protection system

80.   Mobile phone controlled examination paper leakage prevention system

81.   Automatic vehicle breaking system

82.   High frequency based  telemetry system

83.   Ultrasonic based distance monitoring and fuzzy based

84.   Micro controller based standalone temperature measurement system

85.   Remote motor speed control using cell phone

86.   A flame sensor based firefighting robot

87.   Mobile password activation system for industrial applications

88.   Data compression using matlab

89.   Face detection in image file using matlab

90.   Finger print identification using matlab

91.   Mobile jammer system

92.   Door security system using GSM modem

93.   Prepaid water meter system

94.   Biomedical sensor(SD card logger)

95.   Gas leakage prevention system through buzzer and dial the number

96.   Energy tapping identifier

97.   Wireless power transmitted

98.   Security management system for oil field based

99.   Cease of vehicle engine while driver is drunk

100.                        Position finding through GPS

101.                        Industrial appliance control using SMS

102.                        Three phase change over

103.                        Automatic door gate

104.                        Speed change of fan with temperature

105.                        Solar seeker

106.                        Magnetic levitation platform

107.                        Pic and place robot

108.                        Maximum demand controller

109.                        Door locked with LCD(on condition based whether wrong or wright)

110.                        Automatic furnace  control  with the  help of temperature

111.                        SMS based message display on LCD(GSM based)

112.                        Electric buzzer for schools and colleges and fire sense using flame sensing

113.                        Voice communication using infrared LED

114.                        SMS based notice board for colleges/institute

115.                        Voice communication through optical fiber without microcontroller

116.                        GSM modem based bore well monitor and fire monitoring of farm

117.                        IC tester

118.                        Power line voice communication

119.                        Wireless speed control of AC fan

120.                        Wheel chair control through panel

121.                        Function generator

122.                        Electromagnetic piston

123.                        SMS based speed change of motor/fan

124.                        GSM modem based LCD display

125.                        Microcontroller  based LCD display

126.                        Cell phone based circuit breaker

Power line on and power line off.

127.                        GSM modem based accident alert system

128.                        Message detection for face paralytic person(LCD MSG)

129.                        GPS and GSM modem based accident alert system

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