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 Tools that will Help

We all know that Facebook reach is going down and will continue to go down (i.e. how many people see your content).
We were annoyed by Facebook only sending our updates to 16% of our fans and now this has gone down to 6% or less.
And yes it will go down further.
But there are tools to help. Here's 5 great ones:

1. Postplanner

Postplanner is a Facebook page management tool with some great features.
One of the cool features is the content discovery engine where you can search for popular content across the internet based on keywords. You can sort it based on most popular content.
This is really powerful because now you can share content that you know is popular already.
For example, you can search for photos based on categories (e.g. funny, quotes etc) and find the most popular pictures to-day.
This picture was listed first in the list because of the volume of likes, share and comments, not bad engagement!

2. Antavo

If you increase engagement you increase reach. One great way of increasing engagement is creating engaging applications within Facebook.
Antavo provides a suite of Facebook applications you can use to help with engagement.
For example, run a photo contest where your fans have to upload their pictures and get their friends to vote. When their friends come back in to vote you can insist they become fans which increases reach because you have more fans.
Also when competitions are running people are more likely to interact, comment and share details.

3. Canva

If you produce the right images on Facebook this can really help with engagement. I read an article this week from Francesco from Socialmouths about taking quotes from your blog post and putting them in an image and share on Facebook. The reason is that it's hard to get engagement on blog posts.
But it's expensive to hire in graphic designers to create images.
Canva is a tool for creating graphic images without the need for design skills.
The following image was creating in about 2 minutes and I'm no graphic designer :-)

4. Postacumen

When you post all this content how to do you analyze your results? By analyzing your performance you can figure out what works and what doesn't work.
Postacumen is a Facebook analytics tool. What I really like about it is that it focuses on actionable analytics.
It will tell you the photos that work, the times to post the type of posts that work best. It gives some great insight.

5. ScreenFlow

Your visitors like video and you are very likely to click on it when they see a video in their newsfeed. But you do need a tool that will help edit the video if required.
Screenflow is best for the Mac and Camtasia is best for Windows. I don't worry too much about editing mistakes, it's ok to have mistakes if you let people know in the video (e.g. Sorry I didn't mean that, this is what I meant). What I use Screenflow for is cutting out irrelevant bits and putting a nice introduction slide at the start and a closing slide at the end.
If you get used to Screenflow you'll easily create the videos.


It is difficult to achieve strong reach with your fans unless you have really engaging content and you monitor and improve what is working or not working!
I hope you will pick out at least one of these tools to help on your Facebook page.
How do you improve reach? What tools do you use?
I would love to hear from you .

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