Valentines Day Poem For Him

My True Love

We started off as friends but soon after I started to see
that you were the one that are and will always there for me.
We fight and argue often but I still love you the same
so much even at one point I called someone else your name.
People say I'm crazy for staying with you but in all honesty
I know that the love we have is nothing but true.

With you I continue to change for better and for worse
just by simply realizing I had to let my guards down first.
You've taught me how to love and trust and be me
The day that we grow apart, I pray to God I never see.
Love is a battlefield and I know this is true so I am a soldier
and I will fight and continue to fight for no one but you.

Even though you and I have shed so many tears, I do not regret anything and I know there will definitely be more throughout the years.
With us, the good has always outweighed the bad and
your shoulder is the one I continue to cry on whenever I'm sad.
You have given me what people wait a lifetime for,
your heart, true love, wisdom and so much more.

People say some love is rare and some love is kind
well I know for a fact that our love cannot be defined.
You love hard and so do I, so hopefully we will never say goodbye.
Crazy drama we endure but no matter what you continue to stay
that's why I know your the one for me and I mean it when I say
I Love You Baby and last but not least, Happy Valentine's Day.

My Turn

I hope you remember the day we first met
It was like heaven on the sun
You made me feel very sweet
You made my heart go faster than a shotgun
You did all those things for me
And now it's time to repay
To show you love in every way
On this Valentine's Day
I wanna show you that I know how to love
So you don't misunderstand
That only I can make you feel
Better than any man
It's my turn to make you laugh and think of words to say
But it's only for this one Valentine's Day!

My Love For You

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Music is beautiful
And so are you

You smell so good
You smell so sweet
You smell good enough to eat

My love is for you
For you are in my heart
My love is for you
My beautiful sweetheart

So I hope
You take this poem to heart
Because I hope
That we shall never part

Happy promise Day

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