When is the best time to post on social media?

It’s the age-old question that requires quite a bit of experimentation on your part – after all, in this space there is rarely a one-size fits-all solution. But, often what works well in social media is looking at what has worked for other people, trying that on your profile to see if it converts for you.

If it does? Brilliant. If it doesn’t? Try, try again.

For example, Twitter engagement has been shown to go up by 30 percent on weekends, probably because more people are on their computers, smartphones and tablets. And in the week, engagement on Twitter peaks between 1 and 3pm, likely because a lot of that is people on their (often extended) lunch breaks.

Check the visual below for more detail, which includes Facebook, and comes courtesy of Bridg. As above, your mileage will almost certainly vary, but there’s value in starting here and working backwards.

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