Nine Days of Womanhood in India

By Kritika Gupta

Women in India are having a glorious history. Womanhood is commemorated in India in divergent forms. It is said that the nation is known as the land of festivals and women in India are meant to be the real crusaders of joy and jubilation in these festivals. Women and the festivals are having an exceptional tie up in the Indian culture. In the ancient days there was no cry for gender inequality and women were given the highest post, considering the supreme in the society. The womanhood in India describes the power and the energy which sustains the world.
Even the father of Cosmos is said to be incomplete without the presence of his wife ‘Shakti’. Such a posture to the woman is given in Indian Mythology. The Indian culture is incomplete without woman and to celebrate the supremacy of women in the society and mythology the festival of Navratri is celebrated twice in India. The festival is dedicated for the worship of the incarnations of Shakti. The word shakti comes from the Sanskrit root word ‘shak’ that means ‘to be able’ or ‘to act’.  The nine days of the festival is divided into three sets. In the first three days Goddess ‘Durga is worshiped, in the second set mother of spiritual wealth ‘Lakshmi’ is worshiped and in the last three days the goddess of wisdom, ‘Saraswati’ is worshiped.
The nine Days are commemorated with many lessons on Indian womanhood. The days give the message of feminism in the Indian traditions. The women in every part of the nation are seen performing divergent customs to be the part of the triumph. The divine Indian females worship the Goddesses who symbolises the eternity within themselves. The Indian mythology has given such divine forms of invocation to the Woman. With this perspective woman in the present society have no backstage role as they are actually empowered by the ancient philosophers.
The festival of Navratri actually reminds every Indian the actual womanhood in the society. The Navratri is celebrated in India in varied ways. The festival consists the brimming live nine days and it begins and ends with feminism. The days are enjoyed and are delighted by the women of various societies. Women wear the traditional attires and dress up beautifully. The exuberance is clearly seen on their glittering faces and the world witnesses their supremacy. The nine days of the Navratri Festival to all intents celebrate the womanhood in India.

Jai Mata Di!
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