Sukumaran's art on show in Amsterdam

While Myuran Sukumaran sits on death row on an Indonesian island, his spirits are being lifted by an event on the other side of the world.

On Friday, 20 of Sukumaran's paintings will be exhibited in Amsterdam, in a one-night only event.

The Bali Nine member began painting for therapy in Kerobokan jail and found his passion.

With the guidance of celebrated Australian artist Ben Quilty, Sukumaran began teaching classes to rehabilitate others and has gained a degree in fine arts.

He had a burst of productivity after his clemency was rejected, and asked his friend, Tania Albers, if she would organise a show in The Netherlands.

She journeyed to Nusakambangan island - where Indonesia plans to execute her friend of nine years - on Monday.

Ms Albers found him excited and eager to discuss the exhibition.

"It's obvious he's quite stressed and scared, under more stress than usual," she said.

"But he was in a good mood, and I think quite excited that his work was going to be seen on the other side of the world."

The paintings include portraits of family and friends, a powerful self-portrait and a painting of a bullet on a table called "Shot".

People have a strong emotional response to the pictures and are overwhelmingly impressed at the talent he has honed under the most difficult circumstances, Ms Albers said.

She tells them his art practice has matured along with his personality, making him a patient teacher and a more focused person.

"He's become very determined just to do good," she said.

"I feel absolutely heartbroken and helpless at this situation.

"I can't understand how a person could be taken out and killed.

"He could do so much good if he was given the chance, and who could possibly benefit from his execution?"

Sukumaran and fellow Bali Nine member Andrew Chan have not been given a date for their executions, with their lawyers going back to court on Thursday with another appeal.

Another death row inmate, Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, has been granted a judicial review of her case, which could take months.

Supreme Court spokesman, Suhadi, told Kompas newspaper the Filipina's judicial review application had been accepted and judges would be appointed this week.

"After that, the judges will examine the case and study it," he said. "This could take months."

Jakarta has indicted it will wait for legal appeals of some 10 of the drug offenders it wishes to execute together before setting a date.

It means Chan and Sukumaran could avoid the firing squad for months.

However the attorney-general says some prisoners could be taken off the execution list pending their appeals, meaning they will execute fewer than 10 in the next round.

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