The Festival of Colors but only for Men! -BY KRITIKA GUPTA

India is a land of religions, diversities, culture and beauty. That are the words that you can find on any other article that defines India but by tossing the coin of India’s fate we end up to the side where India is male dominated and is penetrated with the crusaders of the society who actually don’t believe in women empowerment. Every day the nation blows with the trauma of violation against women along with the call of justice by every woman on the street but the trauma is still the same and women in the Indian society is still breaking down every moment. The stupor is not limited to the state of women in everyday life. The festivals that are meant for every other creature, also gives the suspicion to the women that “No! It is not for you!

The cry of NO! is also escorted to the festivals of colors. ‘Holi’ the festival of joy, the day which conveys the message of Brotherhood is actually the day of threat for the ladies. Holi comes from the word ‘hola' which means sacrifice. And the festival is a reminder that we must live our lives in a spirit of service and sacrifice. The period of getting locked inside the homes starts much before the day of Holi. The woman whether she is a daughter, wife or even mother fears to step out from their homes. The menace is so deep that girls look every other man with an uncertainty and hesitance. If we move towards the statistics the rape cases eventually increase to 50% on the day and before Holi.
The one who is roaming freely is a Man, the one who is relishing frankly is a Man, The one who is lashed with colors is a man but one who is sitting back at home with a fear in heart is woman. That is the gender biased aspect of the festival of colors. The picture is as same in the cities of the nation as it is in the country side. No woman, residing in any part of the country is safe and can say ‘Yes’ to the open hangouts on the day of the festival.

Notably, all these sorrows of woman should be taken into the considerations. The festival is been celebrated since the mythological times but the delineation is exactly same for the woman. The day woman will be equally regarded and respected, that day will begin to draw the complete new version of Holi played across the country. The festival of colors will be more colorful and the joy will be on the top. Let Holi be the festival of colors with the trinket of woman! Cheers!
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