The Net Neutrality Trend in India: Save the internet

It was on the occasion of Independence Day in India in 1995 when the nation started using the 

Internet Services on VSNL and rest became the history. Internet widely opened the doors for the 

connection between the people, exchange of information and the India actually started changing the 

expressions globally.

But the days in India for Internet have incredibly changed. These days it seems like the save internet 

campaign has became the National Issue. Also, the families have got the hot topic for the drawing 

room debates.  The Internet provides you the idea of Net Neutrality. If you are concerned about the 

present condition of your Internet then it becomes obligatory for you to understand net neutrality. 

Howsoever the AIB trending video has told you much about that but for those who have not seen it 

yet, here we write the words for you.
scope of internet
Scope of Internet

What is Net Neutrality? 

Net Neutrality is the Idea derived from the telephone lines which worked

since the beginning of the 20th century. In those days the operators didn’t block the access to the

numbers, nor deliberately delay the connection to a number. Most countries on the globe ask

telecom operators to provide unfiltered and unrestricted phone calls. In 1980s and 1990s there were

no same principles for the Internet Service Providers. But mostly telecom operators were Internet

Providers they ran on the same principles. This principle is called as the Net Neutrality.  When a web

user connects to a website, he or she gets the same speed. Data rate for Youtube videos and

Facebook photos is theoretically same. Users can access any legal website or web service without

any interference from an ISP.

What if there is no Net Neutrality? 

If we go by the legal terms, Net Neutrality doesn’t exist in India. 

TRAI, the body which regulates the telecom industry has tried to get the rules and regulations for the

Net Neutrality many times. Internet is now the integral part of the society. Thus, the Internet Service

Providers from all over the globe try to control the internet traffic. If there is no net neutrality then

the ISPs will try to control the traffic in an irrelevant way so as to earn more profit. Like some ISPs

want to charge separately for several of your favourite applications like Youtube, Facebook,

Watsapp and even the news sites. Basically these ISP need to take the share from such successful

sites who earn ample of money every day. The day will come that instead of the Internet Plans you

will be buying the ‘Package Plans’ it is also possible that you will be forced to pay more money and

more money and more money for the faster access to your Internet. In the near future it can be the

time of tax payments for your every other click on the internet. Yes!! This nightmare can soon be

changed into the reality.

So, before they start taking the every single penny of yours and leave you begging for one minute

access of Internet to your Friend, vote today for the save internet campaign. As TRAI has asked for

India’s answer till 24 April 2015 regarding the Net Neutrality in the Nation.

Time is Running, Go Save your Internet!!!

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