Father’s Day is Striking !!

Father always plays an important part in their child’s life. The Father is the very first hero for any child. The mentor, the shield, the inspiration and is the toughest person, father is all for the Child at every step of his or her life. The day would be celebrated on 21 June 2015 that is the third Sunday of the month.  In India, at present, father’s day is celebrated by numerous people. Although the concept of Father’s Day is absolutely new in India as it is celebrated from past one decade only. But Indians have shown tremendous love for the celebration of Father’s Day. The day is commemorated by paying the Gratitude to the Fathers.
The love Indian children manifest for their fathers has always set the examples. The Indian Culture portrays the profound and potent relationship between the Father and their Children. The concepts of father’s day celebrations have been adapted from the western culture.  In the past few years, retailers and marketing giants have adopted the idea of the celebration of Father’s Day in India by promoting the varied range of cards and by advertising masculine gifts that a Child should give on the occasion of Father’s Day.
The Summary of Father’s Day History: Like most of the other days celebrated, the accurate origin of Father’s Day is hard to find. But surely father’s day origin is related to Sonara Louise Smart Dodd who first brought up the idea of Father’s Day in 1909. The daughter wanted a special Day to honour her father. It is said that the mother of Sonara died in childbirth with her sixth child, this made her father take care of five other children on a farmhouse of Washington State. As a daughter Sonara realized that how her Dad raised his children by facing numberless hardships of being a single parent. It is also said that Sonara wanted to celebrate father’s day on the first Sunday in June but later President Lyndon Johnson made the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. Since then the day is celebrated all over the globe and is equally commemorated in India.

Author: Kritika Gupta

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