Home Remedies for the prevention of burns caused by crackers on Diwali | Prevention and cure from Injuries caused from firecrackers on Diwali

Prevention From Burn Injuries Caused by Firecrackers

1. As with all things, the best cure. If you're planning to set off fireworks on your own,do it in a location free of fire hazards and away from structures like your home or garage. Arrange the fireworks on a stable, fireproof surface with a foot or more of space between each device to prevent them from lighting each other. Read any and all safety and warning labels. Keep a bucket of water, garden hose or fire extinguisher Nearby.

burn injuries and its cure while burning firework during diwali

2. Is there wind? Position the fireworks so they're downwind of spectators — the wind should blow the sparks, smoke and whatnot away from your friends and family. And, they should stand 25 feet or more back if you're lighting fountains and 100 yards or so away if you're shooting rockets into the air.
pets around us protect them from burn injuries

3. keep your children and pets away from them, don't look down the barrel of a spent or loaded tube, don't hold lit fireworks in your hands, don't set yourself on fire etc. Fireworks are explosives. Explosives are dangerous.

Keep First-Aid Kit Nearby

first aid kit for diwali fireworks
You keep a first-aid kit in your home and car, right? Now's the time to dig it out, make sure the bandages and pain pills and whatnot aren't used up or expired.

First-Aid Kit should have following things

1. Sterile Saline Solution is great for cleaning eyes and can also be used to clean debris out of wounds on the rest of your body.
2. Cling Wrap or similar can be used to protect burns while you transport a person to the ER or wait for an ambulance.
3. Second Skin Moist Burn pads are a good way to protect and cool minor burns.
4. Aloe Vera gel can help treat and "cool" burns in the days following the accident.
5. Pain relievers expire, so check the dates and make sure you have some that are up to date. Burns hurt!
6. Blunt tip scissors are handy for cutting clothing off injured areas without stabbing yourself or the victim.
7. It's also a good idea to have a dedicated fire blanket or wool blanket nearby. you may need to treat someone for shock as well, so that blanket will give them something to lie down on or something you can wrap them in to keep them warm. Stop them from running around, lay them on the ground and smother the flames by rolling the person onto them or with a blanket, jacket or similar.

Home Remedies for the prevention of burns cause by crackers on Diwali


Aloe, probably the most well known home remedy for burns, will stop pain and inflammation, reduce swelling, and stimulate skin growth and repair.

vanilla extract

For Minor burns gently apply vanilla extract with the help cotton on to burned skin.This would provide you relief and your burn will cool down.

Black Tea Bags

Tea contains  Tannic Acid that draws heat from burn and will relief from pain.Place two-three wet tea bags over burn.


It contains acetic acid a component of aspirine will relief you from pain. And it even extract heat from burn and will dull pain naturally. Apply it using wet towels.


Its a Natural antibiotics that help preventing burn from infection. Apply gently and this will kill all existing bacteria. and help skin to heal.

Cow Milk

Milk sooth's burns and helps in healing. dip burned skin to milk for 15 minute for quick relief.

Treating Minor Burn Injuries

Cool the burn immediately with running water
1. Immediately run the burn area under cool water for at least 10 minutes.
    2. While doing so, remove any jewelry or clothing from the affected area.
    3. Once cool, cover the area with Second Skin (or similar) or cling wrap to protect it. Do not use cloth bandages or similar materials that may stick to the burn.
    4. Aloe Vera gel or other soothing treatments can be applied after this initial treatment, but only if the burn is minor.
    5. If the burn is larger than your hand or the person is young, old or otherwise in frail health, take them to the doctor. 

Treating Eye Injuries Caused Due to firework

eye injuries while diwali
If it's just some minor irritation, you can treat it yourself.Otherwise get the victim immediate medical attention.

    1. Flush the eye with sterile saline solution or clean water.
    2. Examine the eye under a bright light and continue to flush it until all foreign objects are washed out.
    3. Seek medical treatment if vision is impaired or an object has penetrated the eye's surface.

Treating Major Burn Injuries

treating major burn injuries
    1. Cool the burn immediately with running water. If the burn covers a large area of a person's body, you may need to use a garden hose or buckets of water.
    2. Call an ambulance or immediately transport the victim to an Emergency Room if you don't have phone reception.
    3. Remove clothing or jewelry from the burn area, but only if it's not stuck to the wound.
    4. Cover the wound with a sterile, protective dressing such as that plastic cling film.

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