Top Deepavali Decoration ideas | Diwali Home Decoration Ideas which is economical as well .

Diwali decoration items

Diwali Decorations items are a simple list of combination of different items for Your Diwali decoration ideas. You can also mix these themes together for your own Diwali decoration theme and surprise your guests by royal Diwali Decor of your Home this Diwali. Decoration your home well this Diwali will attract more guests to greet you Happy Diwali so be prepared with more Diwali sweets and snacks. For Diwali sweets and snacks recipes refer to Diwali snacks.

here is the list for Diwali Decoration Items:

  •     Dhoop
  •     Batti
  •     Diwali lamps
  •     Diwali Diya
  •     Flowers – 5-6 Different species flowers
  •     rangoli colors for Diwali
  •     wallpapers for Diwali
  •     scents
  •     lights
  •     Diwali lights

Diwali Lamps out of a Plastic Bottle

You probably have many 500ml plastic bottles around the house; here is a way to put them to some use. Use a scissors and cut the bottle in half. Use the top half of the bottle with the lid. Using the scissors make long cuts through the plastic and bend it outwards in the shape of a flower. You can further shape the plastic to look like petals and stick some glitter on each petal. Use a candle in the centre as a light source.

Your celebrations take a whole new meaning when you make your decorations at home. It gives the kids something to be involved in and also brings together the entire family. Your home will have a personal touch which will give you a sense of pride every time guests come over. Not to forget, you are doing the environment a huge favour with your humble celebrations. Immerse yourself in the festive spirit as you create your own Diwali décor.

Homemade Diyas: 

I made diyas at home with clay and aata. I couldn’t bake them in heat to get the red color, so I decided to paint them. I painted the diyas for about 5-6 hours and they looked beautiful. Trust me, this is probably the first time I picked up a brush!

Tree Light:  

Thankfully, I got a small string of LED lights. So, I collected a few corals, put them in a jar (we don’t get glass jars or mason jars here so that is another home made craft of how I covered a fabric over a tin jar) and then put a mango tree branch in it. On top of it went the LED light string. I also hung some paper-made cages and birds on the tree

Painted God: 

In the absence of a God Idol, I called a painter who painted the picture of Lord Ganesha on the wall. It was amazing seeing him at work. A young boy who has never stepped out of Mayabunder paints so well. Talent sure does not see location, age or caste or color or anything. It just sees determination.

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