IPL 2017 would have eight opening ceremonies with various Bollywood-stars including Shradha Kapoor,Tiger Shroff and many more

First of all IPL council decided to honor five legends of Indian cricket including Sachin Tendular,Saurav Ganguly,Rahul Dravid,Virendra Sewagh and VVS laxman for their contribution in Indian cricket as well to International cricket.Its a great move and will inspire youngsters to perform like him said one of the officials.

With this IPL 2017 season also known as IPL10 season their would be eight opening ceremonies around different states and cities  to which individual franchises belongs including Delhi,Hyderabad,Bangalore,Kolkata,Indore,Mumbai,Pune and Rajkot.
Every stage to be hosted according to franchises and will facilitate player accordingly.They host according  and will have regional functions. No prior announced or restrictions applied by BCCI over opening ceremonies.
Shradha kapoor and Tiger Shroff will be hosting different stages at different cities almost eight stages with different Stars,it might be possible to have some Hollywood stars not known yet it depends on franchises of that particular state or City.

It starts from 5th April at Hyderabad and is expected to be full of stars and will be full of excitments, More interestingly final would also be orginse at Hyderabad.

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