Different ways to run your Jmeter script in non GUI mode

ways to execute jmeter script in non gui mode distributed load testing

1. When you are simply running your script locally within the system :

Command : Jmeter -n -t "your.jmx" -l "testResult.jtl"

2. When You want to run your script in different computers i.e in distributed mode

Command : Jmeter -n -t "your.jmx" -l "testResult.jtl" -r

in above command local IP's of the system will be picked up from varaible named "remote-hosts" under Jmeter.properties file in bin folder.

3. Whenn you specify cetain IP's to execute your script

Command : Jmeter -n -t "Your.jmx" -l "testResult.jtl" -r -Rxxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx,xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
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