Remote(distributed) load testing using Jmeter || load testing with dynamic user request jmeter || jmeter dynamic load testing


Why remote(distributed) testing ?

Your Jmeter is capable of generating 500-800 request to remote server with 2GB RAM and 2.2GHZ processor and most of the time we had to go beyond this limitation.

Myth : pepole often think that remote(distributed) testing will populate server with dynamic number of request but the fact is if you had mentioned 200 thread thread count in Thread group then all your slaves will individually populate target server with 200/slave.

Example : Number of Slave systems : 4
  Threads mentioned in script : 200

Then each of your server will execute 200 threads individually it means your target server will have 800 threads.

Populating target server with DYNAMIC user's :

you can perform load testing with Dynamic user by using CSV data set in you jmeter script and placing that particular user credentials into bin folder of Jmeter.
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